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If you are a current Landlord, Real Estate Investor, or thinking about becoming one let Gordon and Associates provide you with the professional service that you deserve!  We specialise in Residential Property Management, so our primary focus is managing your property.


We pride ourselves on our careful tenant selection so all potential tenants are required to complete our Tenancy Application form, providing current and previous rental and employment references. All references are thoroughly checked against the national tenancy database to ensure there have been no defaults on their previous rental history. You will be contacted so we can discuss the suitable applicants and be involved in the decision making process along with offering you our professional opinion and experience to assist with your decision.


Periodical Inspections are conducted on all properties and you are provided a comprehensive written report.  Any required maintenance is attended to and followed up with a phone call and photos when necessary.


For further information on our property management services or to get a free rental appraisal contact our office. 




20 years Local Industry
Competitive Fee
Local knowledge
and experience
Dedicated Property

we are only a phone call away

0417 897 921

for all enquiries

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